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Samsung said to be prepping “high-end” Windows Phone

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Is Samsung about to make a return to the Windows
Phone space?

Samsung is believed to be working on a
new high-end Windows Phone handset.
Details are pretty thin on the ground at
the moment, but sources in India claim
the device will cost around $540 and
feature a 5-inch display.

The news comes via Indian tech company,

Zuaba, and while little other details
are given both Zuaba and
Sam Mobile – a more familiar
source – reckon the handset is legit
and is likely Samsung’s new Windows

Samsung has used Windows Phone in the
past although it didn’t exactly “commit”
to the platform – the Ativ S was all but
forgotten about as soon as it launched.
Samsung is a big player in the Tizen
project, and has made no bones about its
desire to
reduce its reliance on Google’s Android

A Tizen smartphone and a Window Phone
device, built correctly with the right
hardware and specs, could go some way to
diversifying Samsung’s catalogue of
smartphones. Just don’t expect them to
start out-selling the Galaxy S4 or Galaxy
Note 3 straight away.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform now
supports multi-core processors and
large-form 1080p displays just like
Android. Nokia’s Lumia 1520 is the first
handset to take advantage of Windows
Phone’s new hardware capabilities with
its Snapdragon 800 CPU and 6-inch 1080p

With this in mind it’s likely Samsung’s
next Windows Phone handset will follow
suit, so if the device is real – Samsung
hasn’t said anything official on the
subject as yet – then you can expect some
very decent specs, most likely a
Snapdragon 800 CPU, 2GB of RAM and a full
HD 1080p display.

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