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…en masse consume music. A quick look at iTunes download stats for the past year show declines across the board, so what is Apple to do with its once-great, music-industry-disrupting…

…dumped feature after feature on top. Just How BIG is iTunes? Answer: Pretty bloody BIG! 37,000,000+ songs worldwide, 1,000,000+ podcasts (US), 40,000+ music videos (US), 3,000+ TV shows (US), 20,000+…

…have to go to iTunes to get those – but for most other artists there’s little difference between the two. Spotify’s European roots mean that it has stronger connections with…

iTunes portfolio and/or push a suspected Apple music streaming service. Such a service is believed to expand on the company’s iTunes Radio features launched at last year’s conference and will…

…refunded for the full price. When our media distribution went digital with the advent of the iTunes music store–and later–the movies, TV, books, and app stores–Apple followed in physical retailer’s…