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5. What is a 3D printer? A 3D printer is unlike your standard, 2D inkjet printer. On a 3D printer the object is printed in three dimensions. A 3D model is built up ... Continue Reading

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Simply, 3D printing is a method of creating a solid physical object from a digital 3D model. The reason it's called 3D "printing" is because the assembly process is ... Continue Reading

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How to Get Started: 3D Modeling and Printing Thanks to an influx of easy-to-use software, 3D modeling isn't just for engineers toiling endlessly on CAD ... Continue Reading

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3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing (AM), refers to processes used to create a three-dimensional object in which layers of material are formed under ... Continue Reading

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Select a 3D printing service, choose a material and have your order delivered within 48 hours. Continue Reading

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