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Bionic eye implant world first - BBC News

Surgeons in Manchester have performed the world's first bionic eye implant in a patient with the most common cause of sight loss in the developed world. Continue Reading

First "Bionic Eye" Implant For AMD | AMD

After years of experience with retinitis pigmentosa (RP), the Argus II team has implanted the device into a person with dry AMD. Eighty -year-old Ray Flynn received ... Continue Reading

Bionic eye breakthrough as Australian ... - Daily Mail Online

A prototype of the bionic eye created by Bionic Vision Australia (BVA), who said today they had successfully implanted the 'world first' bionic eye prototype Continue Reading

A Solution For Blindness: World’s First Bionic Eye Implant ...

A Solution For Blindness: World’s First Bionic Eye Implant Helps Blind Woman See Shapes & Colours Continue Reading

The Bionic Eye : Bionic Vision Australia

Bionic Vision Australia is developing a bionic eye to restore vision to people with retinitis pigmentosa and age related macular degeneration. Continue Reading

HowStuffWorks "How does a "bionic eye" allow blind people ...

A company called Second Sight has received FDA approval to begin U.S. trials of a retinal implant system that gives blind people a limited degree of vision. Find out ... Continue Reading

Home : Bionic Vision Australia

Bionic Vision Australia, a consortium of some of Australia’s leading universities and research institutes, and funded by the Australian Research Council from 2010 ... Continue Reading

Bionic Eye · Our Research · National Vision Research Institute

A schematic diagram of a bionic eye placed inside the eyeball. This version is made from diamond, making it completely inert. Continue Reading

Bionic Eye Cures Blindness - YouTube

First Bionic Arms- Now Bionic Eyes! Last week the FDA gave approval to the Argus II, a bionic eye that could potentially cure blindness in 15,000 people in ... Continue Reading

Bio-Eye Orbital Implants: Natural Movement for Your ...

Bio-eye Orbital Implants become a "living" part of the patient's body. The Bio-eye Orbital Implant has the longest track record of all modern ... Continue Reading