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E85 - Wikipedia

E85 is an abbreviation typically referring to an ethanol fuel blend of 85% denatured ethanol fuel and 15% gasoline or other hydrocarbon by volume. In the United ... Continue Reading

Highest Compression Ratio for E85 - Engine & fuel ...

What is the highest compression ratio that E85 is able to run at without undue harm? What are the chances that the automotive manufacturers will make a car that Continue Reading

Race on E85

Race on E85 is currently converting 4150 and 4500 Holley style carburetors to run on E85. Just send us your carburetor and we will convert and test it ... Continue Reading

Higher boost and E85 or Methanol - Engine & fuel ...

To add to hemi's list for mitigating knock - reduce CR. Adding methanol to the fuel has several benefits - higher octane, reduced AFR sensitivity (you can run a lot ... Continue Reading

E85 Gas Station Locations and Alternative Fuel Information

Locate a gas station that sells E85 Ethanol or Biodiesel for your flex fuel vehicle. News & events is the alternative fuel industry. Continue Reading

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In this E85 ethanol fuel test we look at the advantages of using E85 in your musclecar and demonstrate that this fuel is cheaper than 87 octane and can make the same ... Continue Reading

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Selecting the Right Octane Fuel

Selecting the Right Octane Fuel What is octane rating? Octane rating is the measure of a fuel's ability to resist "knocking" or "pinging" during combustion, caused by ... Continue Reading

Overkill Motorsports

Unlike most other LFX engines, the Camaro isn't flex fuel, however for those enthusiasts who know the benefits E85 Ethanol can provide we now offer a flex fuel ... Continue Reading

What You Need to Know About E85 Ethanol Alternative Fuel ...

E85 Ethanol may be an Alternative Fuel source, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice power for a cleaner burning fuel, Check out this article about E85 and see ... Continue Reading