2018 Jaguar I-Pace

At one time, I thought Tesla Model X would last for long as the
only battery-electric powered SUV for quite some time. Although
other automakers have cropped up with fully-electric sedans to
rival Tesla models, no automaker had launched a serious
fully-electric SUV, well, that is until Jaguar surprised us
with a I-Pace concept at the Los Angeles Auto show. 
Although it is in its concept form, the automaker disclosed
that production models will hit the streets in 2018. As the
name suggests, the model is based on the automaker’s first ever
SUV, the F-Pace. The SUV is based on a dedicated EV
architecture that allowed its designers to come up with an
innovative layout. Read along to find out more about this Tesla
SUV rival:


2018 Jaguar I-Pace Exterior styling

Although the 2018 Jaguar I-Pace exterior design is inspired by
the F-Pace,
the model has some unique features that tell it apart. To
highlight its electric-engine status, front features that are
borrowed from the F-Pace are highlighted by blue accents. It
also features LED strips below the side air vents.


The hood has also been revised but it still features the
V-shaped design of the F-Pace. It is, however, shorter and has
a gigantic vent close to the windscreen. The rear of the
vehicle is also derived from the F-Pace. Its angular deck lid
design is inspired by the F-Type. In addition, the aggressive
diffuser (not common with crossovers) is also borrowed from the


Overall, the model has a coupe-like roofline. Other features
that sets it apart from the F-Pace are the arched front
fenders. Its organic beltline has been shifted upwards close to
the C-Pillar, it then descends slightly towards the rear
fascia. Unlike the F-Pace, the I-Pace does not feature quarter
windows. Its retracting doors are mounted lower than on the
F-Pace. The model also features fancy looking wheels, winglets
on its side skirts and a bright-blue stripe below its doors.


2018 Jaguar I-Pace Interior styling

Interior styling of the 2018 Jaguar I-Pace is inspired by the
F-Type. To begin with, the SUV features sporty seats and a low
driving position, features that are not common in SUVs.
However, the layout of the cabin is not similar to any Jaguar
in the market. Its dash and center console are clean and
uncluttered. The dash features a blend of gray leather and soft
cloth. It also features dark, unvarnished walnut veneers as
well as polished metal inserts. The leather is also used
unsparingly on the seats, door panels and on the center
console. The leather is contrasted with a white stitching.
High-sheen metal elements are also featured in the cabin. The
cabin is reminiscent of excellent British artistry and is
fitted with premium types of equipment in the industry.


Tech-wise, the I-Pace features a new cockpit design christened
the “flightdeck”. The system comes with three screens, one for
its instrument cluster and the other two are mounted on the
center console. This system gives the model an all-digital look
like that of a fighter jet hence the name.

The automaker did not confirm the type of infotainment system
that the model will use. Don’t be surprised if Jaguar hooks it
up with a new system, specifically designed for EVs. I
understand that the model also features a two-mode
liquid-cooling circuit where in normal weather conditions; the
radiator air cools the battery’s liquid coolant. When it is
considerably hot, the system has an air-conditioner to do the
cooling. The air conditioner heat pump is integrated with the
climate-control system that is so designed to channel energy
from outside air as a source of heat for the cabin as opposed
to channeling energy from the battery.


Drive-train and performance

Under the hood, the Jaguar is all electric. The I-Pace becomes
the first Jaguar SUV to feature an all-electric drive-train.
The unit is designed in-house. It features two electric motors,
one on the front axle and the other on the rear axle. The
system produces 394 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque. According to
the automaker, the juice is enough to propel the car to run
from 0-60 mph in 4 seconds.


Things get even better in terms of range as the model has
posted 500 km range on the Europe’s NEDC cycle. EPA results are
yet to be released but the model will likely achieve a 300-mile
range. With this kind of range, the I-Pace will not have a
problem tearing into the Tesla Model X playground. The Tesla
Model X has a maximum range of 289 miles on a single, full
charge.  Although the Tesla beats the I-Pace in terms of
acceleration, the latter will likely match its 155 mph top

Jaguar has made recharging of the battery easy and quick. 
It takes only 90 minutes to recharge the battery to 80% and
around 2 hours for a 100% recharge using a 50Kw DC charger.


Price and release date

Being a concept, Jaguar did not say anything about its price.
However, the model must be competitively priced to stand any
chance against the
Tesla Model X. The automaker said the model will be
released in 2018. Keep it here for the updates regarding the